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About the Book

All is not well with Christopher Wilks. Nor is all as it seems. For one thing, he’s ill-equipped for the mind-bending journey he’s about to undertake.

Hitching a ride in a strange fifties-era station wagon driven by an even stranger couple of elderly eccentrics he calls The Mister and Missus, Christopher finds his life unwinding along with the countless miles- all into the WEST. Is the journey real? Most certainly. But when is the natural actually supernatural? He’s not quite sure. Mystical campsites, impossible visitations, shattering memories come-to-life… the roadside attractions he encounters are incredible and exhilarating.

James Andrew’s WEST straps the reader in for a thrill ride through landscapes both painfully real, and wildly fantastical.

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What people are saying about WEST

“WEST is a story that made me re-think themes from my own past, and then remember my personal narrative through the eyes of grace and redemption. It opened a door to discuss ideas that I often overlooked in my busyness, yet are some of the greatest gifts we've been given to make our way through life. WEST took me on a journey that examined my own purpose and the life I'm living.”
“I just finished WEST yesterday, and enjoyed it immensely! There were many beautiful descriptions. I think my favorite moment may have been the section where the devil is depicted as a cruel, powerful voice booming in the darkness, and then turns out to be a chained, shriveled, decaying remnant when seen in the light. That was a great scene! I also liked the way Chris' understanding of what is happening to him evolves throughout the story.”
“I started on a simple trek west, but soon I was on a journey of almost unbelievable transformation- a journey of understanding, of forgiveness, of cleansing and restoration, and unparalleled love. But mostly it was a journey of hope. As each chapter unfolded I felt more emotion, tears, laughter, sorrow, then even more tears. But mostly it elicited HOPE. Hope for the future, seen and unseen, the kind of hope we all are in need of. I was compelled to read WEST over and over, fearing that I may have missed something previously. Each time more and more emotion was drawn from me. WEST left me breathless. A fantastic story!”
“LOVE this book!! Started and finished on my phone en route to Maui. Want to read it again. Would like to share with another friend who has written one book and just gave me a draft of his second on the book of Job.”

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About the Author

James Andrew

Artist, architectural and product designer and sometimes writer, James Andrew lives and works on Hayden Island on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon. WEST was written during the long hospitalization of his wife Irene who’s been faced with the challenge of recovering from several disabling strokes.

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